A Force for Change – Beatrice Morrow Cannady

New book:

A Force for Change: Beatrice Morrow Cannady and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Oregon, 1912-1936.

Author: Kimberly Mangun

Publisher: Oregon State University Press

Date: 2010.

As the book’s Introduction starts:

“Beatrice Morrow Cannady was one of Oregon’s most dynamic civil rights activists.  Between 1912 and 1936, she gave hundreds of lectures to high school and college students about the importance of better race relations.  She used the new medium of radio to share her message of interracial goodwill with listeners in the Pacific Northwest.  She was assistant editor, and later publisher, of the Advocate, a weekly newspaper for Negroes founded by her husband, Edward Cannady, in 1903.    Cannady was the first black woman to graduate from law school in Oregon, and the first to run for state representative. “

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