Adams, Annette Abbott
1877 - 1956

Alias: Annette Abbott
Born: 3/12/1877 in Prattsville, Plumas County, California
Died: 10/26/1956
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

General Practice
Regions and States of Practice:
CA, West
Legal Education:
UC Berkeley School of Law - Boalt Hall, 1912
Other Education:
Chico State Normal School
Positions During Her Career:
Teacher and school principal
United States Attorney (Assistant, 1914-1918) (1918-1920)
Assistant United States Attorney General (1920-1921)
Private practitioner in San Francisco, California (1921-1935)
Assistant Special United States counsel in the Elks Hills Naval Oil Reserve case (1935-1941)
Presiding Justice of the 3rd District Court of Appeal of California (1942-1954?)
Judge Pro Tempore on the California Supreme Court
Woman Assistant United States Attorney
Woman United States Attorney
Woman Assistant United States Attorney General
Woman to sit on a California Appellate Court
Woman presiding justice on a California Appellate Court
Woman to sit pro tempore on California Supreme Court

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Student Papers:
Annette Abbott Adams: California's First Lady of Law
Steiner, Louise Eleanor, 1965
Maverick Woman, Consummate Lawyer: The Role of Annette Abbott Adams in the Prosecution of the Neutrality Cases of World War One
Hapiuk, William J., 2000
Potential Paper Topics:
An analysis of her white slavery case, which she argued and won against US Attorney John W. Preston.
An analysis of the Bopp Conspiracy Case, in which allegations were raised against the German Consulate and others that they tried to violate the U.S.'s neutrality law.
An analysis of the Elks Hills Naval Oil Reserve case.
An analysis of relationship between Abbott and John Preston.
An analysis of the relationship between Abbott and John Raker.