Armstrong, Barbara Nachtrieb
1890 - 1976

Alias: Barbara Nachtrieb
Born: 8/4/1890 in San Francisco, California
Died: 1/18/1976
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Family Law
Family and Industrial Law
Regions and States of Practice:
CA, West
Legal Education:
UC Berkeley School of Law - Boalt Hall, 1915
Other Education:
B.A., UC Berkeley (1913)
Ph. D., UC Berkeley (1921)
LLD, UC Berkeley (1961)
Positions During Her Career:
Executive Secretary of California Social Insurance Commission
Joint lecturer in the School of Law and Department of Social Economics at UC Berkeley
Assistant Professor of Law and Social Economics
Associate Professor
Served on President Roosevelt's Commission on Economic Security
Chaired Subcommitte on Old-Age Insurance
Helped draft the old-age insurance provisions of the Social Security Act
Full Professor of Law
Chief of Rent Enforcement for San Francisco District Office of Price Control, heading one of the few effective rent enforcement operations in the country
National Hearing Officer
A.F. and May T. Morrisson Professor of Law
Resource consultant to the White House Conference on the Aged and Aging
Woman appointed to a full-time position in an ABA-approved, AALS member law school
Published "Insuring the Essentials" (1932), "The Health Doctor: His Role in Great Britain, Denmark, and France" (1939), "California Family Law" (2 volumes) (1954), and several supplements to "California Family Law" (1966)

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Student Papers:
Potential Paper Topics:
Armstrong lobbied the California Legislature to create universal, compulsory health insurance, bills that lost in three consecutive legislative years. A future paper could offer an analysis of her efforts to pass bills creating universal, compulsory health insurance through the California Legislature.
Armstrong was an architect of Social Security. A future paper could look at her role in the development of social security (although this has already been covered by a previous paper).
Research into Armstrong's suggested legal approaches to poverty prevention.
An analysis of Armstrong's scholarship (note that her seminal work, "Insuring the Essentials," has already been covered fairly extensively by a paper in the archive).