Bostick, John
1905 - 2000

Alias: Johnnie Bostick
Born: 1/16/1905 in Triune, Tennessee
Died: 2/28/2000
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Regions and States of Practice:
AL, South
TN, South
Legal Education:
Nashville School of Law, 1934
Other Education:
Teachers College in Murfreesboro
Positions During Her Career:
Taught elementary school for 3 years in Murfreesboro
Worked at the Tennessee Legislature enrolling bills (1931-1935)
Served in the Land Acquisition Division of the U.S. Engineers
Adjudicator at the Veterans Administration in Nashville
Claims examiner in the Social Security Administration Payment Center in Birmingham, Alabama (1954-1969)
Woman from Williamson County to pass the Bar (1934)
Declared an "honored guest" by the City of Franklin and Williamson County (1996)

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