Fang, Hsin-shang
1918 - 1987

Born: 4/3/1918 in Hu-Peh Province
Died: 11/30/1987
Ethnicity: Chinese American Filipino American
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Criminal Law
Criminal Law
Legal Education:
Nanjing University, 1943
Positions During Her Career:
Had a judicial internship at the Chung-king District Court (1944)
Was a judge at the Charng-show District Court (1944-1945)
Law professor at Soochow Law School and the National Cheng-chi University (1956-1977)
Teaching Assistant at NCU
District Court Judge
Grand Justice
Public Attorney
Division Chief of the Civil Division in the Taiwan High Court
Justice of the ROC Supreme Court
Supreme Court Justice
Grand Justice in the Council of the Third Term of Grand Justices
Woman Division Chief in the Republic of China (1955)
Woman Supreme Court Justice in the Republic of China
Woman Division Chief of the High Court and the Supreme Court in the Republic of China
One of the first two woman Grand Justices of the Third Term of the Council of the Grand Justices in Taiwan

Further Research Materials

Student Papers:
Potential Paper Topics:
An analysis of her cases while she was a district court judge.
An analysis of her cases while she was a Supreme Court Justice, especially the thirty five cases she decided which now constitute precedent.
An analysis of her work as a law professor.