Hermann, Mildred Robinson
1891 - 1964

Alias: Mildred Robinson
Born: 2/28/1891 in Brookfield, Indiana
Died: 3/16/1964
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Criminal Law
Estates and Trusts
Criminal Law
Estates and Trusts
Regions and States of Practice:
AK, West
Legal Education:
LaSalle Extension University
Positions During Her Career:
Defense attorney in Alaska (1934-1942, 1959-1964)
President of the Alaskan Federation of Women's Clubs
Office of Price Administration (OPA) Territorial Administrator (1942-1947)
Secretary of the Alaska Statehood Committee (1949)
Wrote for the Anchorage Times (1959-1964)
Practicing woman lawyer in Alaska (1934)
Woman lawyer in Juneau (1934)
Vice President for the Alaska Tuberculosis Society
Important part of the Constitutional Convention in Alaska, which drafted the Constitution even before Alaska became a state
Along with others, helped Alaska achieve statehood (1959)

Further Research Materials

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