Kohler, Mary Conway
1903 - 1986

Alias: Mary Conway
Born: 7/1/1903 in Oakland, California
Died: 5/3/1986
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Family Law
Juvenile Law
Estates and Trusts
Juvenile Law Estate Management
Regions and States of Practice:
CA, West
Legal Education:
Stanford University Law School, 1928
Other Education:
A.B., Stanford University (1926)
Positions During Her Career:
Probation officer at the Juvenile Court, rising to Acting Chief of Probation and (1929-1944)
Started a legal and estate management practice (1945-1953)
Special consultant to Tweed Commission in New York (1953)
Consultant to the Ford Foundation on juvenile delinquency (1955)
On the Committe on Youth Employment (1962)
On the New York City Board of Education (1963)
On Mayor Wagner's Poverty Council (1964)
Consultant to Human Resources Administration of NYC (1964)
Founder and Executive Director of the National Commission on Resources Administration of NYC (1967-1979)
Received Margaret McNamara Memorial Award from the McNamara Foundation (1982)

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Student Papers:
Mary Conway Kohler
Welles, Dede, 1997
Potential Paper Topics:
Her opposition to the sterilization of delinquent children
An analysis of the Grand Jury investigation of the Juvenile Court
Her work to develop a separate Family Court in New York
Her work for the Taconic Foundation on Youth and Work, which was critical in the development of the New York school system
Her work with the Committee on Youth Employment
Her work for the Nyingma sect