Lease, Mary Elizabeth Clyens
1850 - 1933

Alias: Mary Elizabeth Clyens
Born: 9/11/1850 in Ridgway, Pennsylvania
Died: 10/30/1933
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Civil Rights
Corporate law
Women's rights
Regions and States of Practice:
KS, Midwest
Positions During Her Career:
Private practitioner in Wichita, Kansas (1885?-1897)
President and founder of the Hypatia Club (1886)
President and founder of the Wichita Equal Suffrage Association (1886)
Master Workman of the Knights of Labor (1880's)
Lectured publicly, and is best known for her committment to the Populist Party
President of the Kansas State Board of Charities and Corrections (1893)
Wrote for the New York World (1897
Paid lecturer for an evening program of the New York Board of Education (1908)
Woman to be appointed President of the Kansas State Board of Charities and Corrections (1893)

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Student Papers:
Potential Paper Topics:
Lease's legal career in New York
How Lease used her legal skills to become an effective orator, personal advocate, and politician