Lytle, Lutie A.
1874 - 1950

AliasES: Lutie A. McNeil, Lutie A. Cowan, Lutie A. Lytle-McNeil
Born: 1874 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Died: 1950
Ethnicity: African American/Black
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Family Law
Constitutional law
Domestic relations
Regions and States of Practice:
KS, Midwest
NY, Northeast
TN, South
Legal Education:
Central Tennessee Law School, 1897
Positions During Her Career:
Engrossing clerk for the Kansas state legislature (1891-1894)
Assistant enrolling clerk for the Populist Party (1894-1897)
Lectured on the law of domestic relations (1898)
Teacher of law at Central Tennessee College (which became Walden University) (1898-1903?)
First and only African-American woman to be enrolling clerk for the Populist Party (1894)
African-American woman to graduate from any law school in the south (1897)
African-American woman to be licensed in Tennessee (1897)
Law professor (1897)
African-American woman to be admitted to the Kansas bar (1897)
African-American woman to become a member of a national bar association (1913)
Along with her husband - first couple to participate in a national bar association (1913)
Woman law professor in American law at a chartered law school

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Student Papers:
Lytle, Lutie A.
Finley, Kelly P., 2005