McGlone, Mary Henrietta
1909 - 1966

Born: 8/24/1909 in Potacello, Idaho
Died: 12/3/1966
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Regions and States of Practice:
ID, West
Other Education:
Business College in Pocatello (1927-1928)
Positions During Her Career:
Clerk for Kraft Cheese Company in Pocatello (1933-1934)
Comptometer operator for the United States Department of Agriculture (1934-1936)
Secretary in the law firm of Jones, Pomeroy & Jones in Pocatello (1937-1947)
An attorney with Jones, Pomeroy, & Jones (1947-1953)

Further Research Materials

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Debora K. Kristensen, 1895-1975 : The First 50 Women in Idaho Law. Boise, ID: Presented by Idaho State Bar (2005)