Mentschikoff, Soia
1915 - 1964

Born: 2/4/1915
Died: 6/18/1964
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Commercial Law
International Law
Commercial law
International law
Regions and States of Practice:
IL, Midwest
MA, Northeast
NY, Northeast
Legal Education:
Columbia Law School, 1937
Other Education:
Hunter College (1934)
Positions During Her Career:
Associate at Scandrett, Tuttle, & Chalaire (1937-1941)
General counsel at a small mannequin company (1941)
Associate "expert" in labor relations at Spence Windels, Wolser, Hotchkiss, & Angell (1941-1944)
Partner at Spence, Hotchkiss, Parker and Duryee (1944-1949)
Professor at Harvard Law School (1947-1949)
Professor at Chicago Law School (1951-1962)
Visiting professor at the University of Miami Law School (1967-1973)
Dean of the University of Miami Law School (1973-1982)
On the Panel of Arbitrators (1980)
Woman partner in a major Wall Street firm - Spence, Hotchkiss, Parker and Duryee (1944)
Woman professor at Harvard Law School (1947)
Woman to teach at Chicago Law School (1951)
Woman president of American Association of Law Schools (1973)
Received an honorary degree from Georgetown Law center (1980)

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Student Papers:
Soia Mentschikoff: First Woman Everything
Facher, Betsy, 1997