Ohi, K. Elizabeth
1911 - 1976

Born: 2/9/1911 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: 8/4/1976
Ethnicity: Japanese American Korean American
Professional Facts

Regions and States of Practice:
IL, Midwest
DC, South
Legal Education:
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta, 1938
Other Education:
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
Positions During Her Career:
Attorney in the law office of Max and Rebecca Liss (1937-1939)
Arthur J. Goldberg's assistant (1939-1940)
Joins the US Navy (1940-1941)
Works on the National War Labor Board (1942-1943)
Works in the Bureau of the Budge, Executive Office of the President (1943-1949)
Works in the Office of the Secretary of the US Department of Labor (1949-1976)
Employee Development Officer in the US Department of Labor (1953-1976)
Japanese American woman lawyer in the United States (1937)

Further Research Materials

Student Papers:
K. Elizabeth Ohi
Chou, Amy, 2005