Olivarez, Graciela
1928 - 1987

Born: 3/1928 in Phoenix, Arizona
Died: 1987
Ethnicity: Latin American Mexican American/Chicano
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Civil Rights
Regions and States of Practice:
DC, South
AZ, West
NM, West
Legal Education:
University of Notre Dame Law School, 1970
Positions During Her Career:
Staff specialist with the Choate Foundation in Phoenix (1962-1966)
Director of the Arizona State Economic Opportunity Office in Phoenix (1966-1967)
Director of Food for All (1970-1972)
Director of the University of New Mexico’s Institute for Social Research and Development (1972-1975)
Professor of law at the University of New Mexico’s law school in Albuquerque
Director of planning for the State of New Mexico (1975-1977)
Director of the Community Services Administration (1977-?)
Woman and hispanic graduate of Notre Dame Law School (1970)

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