Polier, Justine Wise Tulin
1903 - 1987

AliasES: Justine Wise, Justine Tulin
Born: 1903 in Portland, Oregon
Died: 7/31/1987
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Family Law
Regions and States of Practice:
NY, Northeast
Legal Education:
Yale Law School, 1928
Other Education:
Horace Mann School
Bryn Mawr
Barnard (1924)
Positions During Her Career:
Referee for the New York Department of Labor's Workmen's Compensation Division (1927-1932)
Assistant Corporation Council heading the Workmen's Compensation Division (1934-1935)
Judge for the Domestic Family Relations Court (1935-1941, 1942-1973)
Director of the Juvenile Justice Project of the Children's Defense Fund
Woman referee in the Workmen's Compensation Division (1927)

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