Reno, Janet
1938 -

Born: 7/21/1938 in Miami, Florida
Professional Facts

Regions and States of Practice:
DC, South
FL, South
Legal Education:
Harvard Law School, 1963
Other Education:
B.S., Cornell University (1960)
Positions During Her Career:
Clerk with the Dade County Sheriff's Department (1956-1960)
Associate at Brigham & Brigham (1963-1967)
Private practitioner with Lewis (1966-1971)
General counsel to the House Judiciary Committee in Florida (1971-1972)
Attorney and then partner at Steel, Hector & Davis (1972-1978)
State Attorney of Florida (1978-1993)
U.S. Attorney General (1993-2001)
Female state attorney in Florida (1978)
Female U.S. Attorney General (1993)

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