Rosenbaum, Bella Weretnikow
1880 - 1960

Alias: Bella Weretnikow
Born: 8/15/1880
Died: 12/17/1960
Professional Facts

Regions and States of Practice:
WA, West
Legal Education:
University of Washington School of Law, 1901
Other Education:
University of Washington (1900)
Positions During Her Career:
Private practitioner in Washington (1901-1905)
Jewish woman lawyer in Washington (1901)

Further Research Materials

Bella Weretnikow - Seattle's First Jewish Female Attorney
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Bella Weretnikow Rosenbaum (1880-1960)
Bella Weretnikow Rosenbaum (1880-1960) Papers, Manuscript Collection No. 179, American Jewish Archives, available at: