Toner, Adeline Meyer
1902 - 1976

Alias: Adeline Meyer
Born: 1902 in Madison, Wisconsin
Died: 2/1976
Professional Facts

Practice Area:
Regions and States of Practice:
WI, Midwest
DC, South
MD, South
Legal Education:
University of Wisconsin Law School, 1924
Other Education:
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison (1923)
M.L., Southeastern University (1943)
M.L., Catholic University (1947)
Positions During Her Career:
Assistant attorney general of Wisconsin (1928-1931)
Attorney in Silver Spring
Title examiner for District Title Insurance in D.C.

Further Research Materials

Pioneers in the Law: The First 150 Women. State Bar of Wisconsin (1998), Describes the hardships and recognizes the efforts of the first 150 women lawyers admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin, 1879-1943.
Laura Miller Derry, Digest of Women Lawyers and Judges. Lousville, Kentucky: Dunne Press (1949)