Parkinson, Ernest Feild
1881 -

Alias: Ernest Feild
Born: 8/28/1881 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Professional Facts

Regions and States of Practice:
DC, South
Legal Education:
American University Washington College of Law, 1933
Positions During Her Career:
Worked for the U. S. Census Bureau, U. S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Animal Industry (1900-1912)
District of Columbia Juvenile Court Probation Officer on Non-support (1916)
Juvenile Protectie Executive Secretary (1917)
Worked for the Children's Bureau (1918-1919)
Executive secretary for the Consumers League of District of Columbia (1924-1925)

Further Research Materials

Laura Miller Derry, Digest of Women Lawyers and Judges. Lousville, Kentucky: Dunne Press (1949)