New Face of Women’s Legal History

The Akron Law Review (Volume 41, No. 3, 2008) has a special symposium issue dedicated to the “New Face of Women’s Legal History.”

The articles include:

“Introduction to the Symposium” by Tracy A. Thomas

“The Ladies’ Health Protective Association:  Lay Lawyers and Urban Cause Lawyering” by Felice Batlan

“Anna Moscowitz Kross and the Home Term Part: A Second Look at the Nation’s First Criminal Domestic Violence Court” by Mae C. Quinn

“Southern Free Women of Color in the Antebellum North: Race, Class and a “New Women’s Legal History” by Bernie D. Jones

“Dangerous Woman:  Elizabeth Key’s Freedom Suit — Subjecthood and Racialized Identity in Seventeenth Century Colonial Virginia” by Taunya Lovell Banks

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