With Grit and By Grace

With Grit and By Grace: Breaking Trails in Politics and Law: A Memoir, by Betty Roberts (with Gail Wells) (2008).

We just received this new book from Oregon State University Press. WLHBP friend, Selma Moidel Smith, called to share news and accolades for this title.

As the back cover reads: “In the 1950’s, Betty Roberts did what most of her contemporaries considered audacious and inappropriate when she returned to college as a 32-year-old wife and mother. This was only the start of Roberts’ lifetime commitment to overcoming obstacles to women’s equality…..With Grit and By Grace follows Betty Roberts’ rise from a Depression-era childhood on the Texas plains to become a teacher, lawyer, state legislator, candidate for governor, and eventually Oregon’s first woman Supreme Court Justice.”

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